August 2016
Solar Water Pump 5HP Installation in Laos PDR

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EGAT training by K.Nuanlaong
Wind Energy
Wind turbines capture the wind's energy with two or three propeller-like blades, which are mounted on a rotor, to generate electricity. The turbines sit high atop towers, taking advantage of the stronger and less turbulent wind at 100 feet (30 meters) or more aboveground.
Wind Energy Technologies
Modern wind turbines are divided into two major categories: horizontal axis turbines and vertical axis turbines. Old-fashioned windmills are still seen in many rural areas.
Wind Turbine Use
Wind turbines are used around the world for many applications. Wind turbine use ranges from homeowners with single turbines to large wind farms with hundreds of turbines providing electricity to the power grid.
Small wind turbines generate electricity for homeowners, power villages, pump water, and perform mechanical tasks.
Home Systems
Homeowners can generate their own electricity or charge batteries using the wind, and in some cases, sell excess electricity to the utility, a practice called net metering. Before buying a system, homeowners should check into local zoning regulations. A number of turbine manufacturers serve the home energy market. Some homeowners choose to build their own systems.
EGAT Wind Turbiine Generator Project
1. Existing Unit : 2 X 1.25 MWe WTG Model DeWind D6-1250
Thailand Contractor : Gunkul Engineering Co. Ltd.
WTG Supplier : Shanghai Electric Co. Ltd.
(By Sewind Co. Ltd. Zizhu Science based Industrial Park, 555 Dongchuan Rd, Shanghai China 2000241 Tel + 86 21 342 90800 Fax +86 21 342 91080)

Data at Site : Average wind speed 6.6 m/s (Average Generation 4.5 million kWh/yr)
WTG Cost (including installation cost) 145 million Baht (4.3 M USD) Generation Cost (no storage system) 5.5 Baht/kWh with plant factor of about 22 %
2. EGAT Experience : Data from 150 kW WTG at Phuket Site Average wind speed 5 m/s Plant Factor 15 % and Unit Generation Cost 8 B/kWh (including battery storage system)
3. Next WTG Project
EGAT plans to install 12 units of 1.5 MWe WTGs at Lam taklong Site (total capacity is 18 MWe). The system will have no energy storage system and will connect to PEA grid of 115 kV line. The total budget is about 1,750 million Baht .
The WTG technical specification
Capacity 12 X 1,500 kWe
Horizontal Axis
Blade diameter 75 m
Column Height 80 m
Cut in speed at 3.5 m/s
Maximum Nominal speed not more than 13 m/s
Cut out speed 20 m/s
Survival speed more than 50 m/s
Voltage 22 kV
Annual generation not less than 37,800,000 kWh
WTG Competitors
1.REPOWER Germany
2. FUHRLANDER Germany / China
3.NORDEX Germany
4. GOLD WIND China
5.GE power USA
6. VESTA Germany / India
8. BONUS Denmark